Leader Empowerment

The goal of the OLBIOS Advisory Group is to help you ask the right questions, raise awareness and inform you on the ethical issues you are confronted with, using ethics not as a constraint machine but as a basis for a stronger, deeper, more conscious and creative approach to your field.


1. Introduction   2. Orientation  3. Cartography  4. Empowerment


Main targets/ Ambition/ Central Capacity/ Consistency/ Self-assurance/ Strategies preferred until now/ Alliances/ Specificities of work field/ Ideal image of self/ Work methods/ Achievements/ Focus capacity/Flexibility/ Main Communication skills.


A. Retrospective Orientation

Study of the main choices/ History and dynamic of the principal behavioral patterns/ First interpretation of your past/ Precise image of the present context.

B. Prospective Orientation

Precise image of the desirable situation in 10 years time/ Detailed mosaic of wished future patterns.


extensive map


Decision making/ natural authority/ management/ risk and risk avoidance/ knowledge/ empathy/ team work/ discipline/ rythme of evolution/ patterns of development/ ability of self-examination.


140 themes examined always through the perspective of one’s Capacities and Talents.

Our collaboration will initially include the creation of an extensive personalized “map” of the individual, as complete as possible, which will offer, through a broad-ranging series of tests, interviews, questionnaires, reports, briefings, memoirs and discussions, a rich, clear and particularly detailed image of leadership/ individual skills in their manifold dimensions, including perception, memory, imagination, interests, intellectual evolution, tastes, customs, skills, emotions, initiatives, achievements and projects, character features, main ideas, values and clarity of orientation, studies and general culture, knowledge, friendships and social network, resistance, tenacity and resilience capacities, generosity and fidelity skills, autonomy and altruism, health, ambition, attractiveness, speed of learning, deductive and inductive reasoning, observation and natural authority skills, admiration, curiosity and humility capabilities, acceptance of errors and self-examination, transformation and separation strength, and capacity of building through adversity.


How do your skills relate to each other?/ Multiple and dynamic, flexible constellations. /First overall image.


Definition, analysis, causes.


Weaknesses as related between them in various ways as well as in relationship with your skills.


intensive map

Skills optimization through systematic practice of the capacities analyzed

The Empowerment will target nine levels :


We will consider as the ultimate target of our work the effort to not only clearly define the term, but also to try to achieve « power », simultaneously in all of its ten forms: – Intellectual Power (insight, extension, projection, strategy, orientation power) – Spiritual Power (insight, depth, guidance, influence on others, power to inspire) – Ethical Power (beneficence, solidarity and connectivity skills, reliance, friendship, love for oneself and others) – Social, Professional, Financial Power (choosing the exact best place for you in a broader world context) – Knowledge Power (establishing connections through data analysis, definition of what is meaningful and valuable) – Emotional Power (establishing happiness through the right forms and objects of attachment) – Enjoyment Power (experience and clearly distinguish the essence and the differences between pleasure, happiness, joy and bliss) – Physical Power (health, endurance, courage, body equilibrium and body-life expressions) – Character Power (targeting of capacities and ongoing skills optimization).

Potential benefits of an empowerment process


An individual empowerment strategy will allow you to:

– Deal with pressure, stress and failures, but also, and even more so, with success.

– Develop self-confidence, improve your performance.

– Move towards important objectives.

– Prepare and implement changes creatively.

– Optimise a management style, affirm leadership without arrogance.

– Improve the capacity to listen and communication skills.

– Develop emotional intelligence.

– Think profoundly and in detail on wishes and desires about personal evolution in the short- and long-term.

– Prepare an important decision and (re)orientation.

– Identify genuine motivations and real capacities and disadvantages in yourself and others.

– Analyse in depth virtues and strengths.

– Find and preserve a private-public equilibrium.

– Manage the impact of difficulties or changes and losses.

The global/holistic personality empowerment proposed, is about optimising development, monitoring desires, and ultimately defining personal happiness:

– manage the impact of difficulties or changes and losses;

– set better goals, reach goals faster, make better decisions, improve your relationships, discover your hidden potential and achieve it fast;

– establish priorities, make the most of opportunities, achieve results and situate them in a broader, dynamic attitude for change.

Capacity strategies

– Develop reciprocal relationships (establishing collaborative norms, solving problems, using evidence in discussions, coaching).

– Create a shared purpose (find shared values, engage in collaborative action research, running effective staff meetings)

– Essentially, work on the expression of hidden individual potential in one or various dimensions.

An Individual Empowerment creates a dynamic of development and evolution in its three temporal dimensions (experience the personal history, actual relational system, prospected vision), and can therefore function as empowerment in all aspects of individual action:


Cross a difficult passage in a vulnerable context, work on a failure or loss, restart after a life accident. Find a coherence after a moment of void.

Decision / Arbitration

Preparing a decision implying an important personal/professional choice, making a choice, accepting an offer or a deal or a change of any type. Arbitrate between different proposals.


Find one’s way, identify power lines and strength, talents, capacities, motivations, their coherence and potential evolutions.

Construct a personal project conforming to one’s personality.

Performance/target work

Attain a desired level of performance or a quality target, realise an objective. Overcome internal obstacles, contradictory motivations.

Find your exact place and role in the world in all fields and live from and through that space.

Management and career

Optimise your management style, affirm your leadership.

Better function when working with a team of associates and/or superiors.

Improve the capacity to listen and interpersonal communication.


Identify individual qualities and hidden potential; increasing them and reusing them as appropriate in any new context or a second career. New life meaning: planning and understanding.

Loss and separation

Overcome the traps of mourning.

Integration and adaptation coaching.

Adapt actively and harmoniously in a new context.


In a different cultural environment (abroad), or coping with cultural differences in professional/personal life.


Genuine communication, thinking on personal feelings, desire monitoring. Creating a bigger and subtler relational conscience.


Anticipate and optimise phases of change, chosen or not, and being supported in key moments.


Support in all the different stages of personal/professional evolution in a complete and personalised matter, in order to be able to optimise individual capacities, resist, face losses and problems, change, and attain harmony.