The aim of OLBIOS is to provide a platform that will inspire, guide and support everyone, anywhere, to become an active participant in social change.

But is it plausible to expect society to transform itself from a battlefield of conflicting interests to a field of mutually empowering interests?  We believe that there is indeed one fact that encompasses all reasonable hope for a better future: it comes from surveys showing that the vast majority of people all over the world are ready to take part in positive action and to join those already involved.

Bridging the gap between a stunning 70 – 90% of people who are eager to take action and a 5-10% who are already engaged should be the absolute priority in any contemporary society.

Βy 2020, 6 billion people will have access to the Internet, making the aim of social change feasible through web services available to all. With this in mind, OLBIOS is making the following free online tools available to everyone:

A) The OLBIOS JOURNAL that provides access to knowledge specifically oriented to social action. Through this participatory online platform, already available in five languages, we turn the spotlight on millions of people involved in social action in all sectors and offer them the exposure they deserve.

B) The OLBIOS COMMUNITY will then offer everyone a hub for collaborators, mentors, friends and guides to encourage social action. This is as a comprehensive network for precisely the people who are already engaged but also anyone who wants to become involved.

C) The OLBIOS SOCIAL FUND plans to provide the funds and practical support for all. It is a crowdfunding platform that is designed to support and receive support for a broad range of social projects.

OLBIOS invites the social impact community to inspire, consult, guide and mentor millions of people wishing to become actively engaged.  In a nutshell, it aims to become a bridge between an estimated 300 million people actively involved and the 3 billion that may wish to follow their example. If this becomes a reality, the potential for collective change would be immense.

Imagine the impact of millions of people working together on different projects, however small or large, each contributing according to their skills to strengthen their communities.

Join us and give OLBIOS even greater momentum and scope.