The Million Hoodies Movement for Justice

After Florida teen Trayvon Martin was shot, Daniel Maree founded the Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, to protect young minorities from racial profiling and gun violence. The group helped collect two million signatures on petitioning for the arrest of George Zimmerman, the shooter later acquitted in Martin’s death. Million Hoodies has tracked 2.000 incidents of police misconduct in New York City.

Since Million Hoodies Movement for Justice’s inception, it’s team has worked to tackle issues of mass criminalization in Black and Brown communities. When cutting through the issues in their communities: racial profiling, police brutality, the school to prison pipeline, the war on drugs, the attacks on immigrants, and gun violence, a common thread appears. According to them, the link between all of these issues is the prison industrial complex: interests of the government and private industries to use surveillance, policing, and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social, and political ills. 

The organization seek to build a safer and fair America by transforming the public narrative on the criminalization of young people of color while providing the tools necessary for communities to protect themselves. Million Hoodies empowers a network of 50,000+ members and college chapters across the U.S., and home to the Frequency, an online media platform sharing stories from our members, aggregate news, and feature multimedia. Million Hoodies has generated millions of dollars in earned media for victims and families of senseless gun violence and received several awards,

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