The embrace of father Stratis

Chased by the war in Syria and by conflict and persecution in other places, more than 26.000 refugees have arrived in the greek island of Lesvos since last January. They cross the short stretch of water that separates the island from Turkey in rubber dinghies and wooden boats. Many of them land on the remote northern coast and walk for up to 15 hours to Papa Stratis’ temporary shelter in Kalloni.

“I have seen small children with blisters on their feet and pregnant women holding their bellies and crying in pain,” he says. “These people are not migrants, they do not choose to come here. They are children of war, fleeing bullets. They are life-seekers, they search for life, hope and the chance to live another day.”

Although suffering from serious health problems himself, the local NGO he has created (“Hug”) already provided food, shelter and clothing for thousands of refugees….

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