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Pass the Crayon is a nonprofit organization that fosters self-expression through art workshops for refugee kids. Our mission is to facilitate the integration of refugee children using art as a way of growing their social and emotional skills. Through creative group activities, Pass the Crayon helps build the self-confidence, self-awareness, and relationship building skills needed in order to integrate into a new society.

 Through creative group activities, Pass the Crayon helps build the interpersonal skills needed for refugee children, newly arrived migrants and German children to all live together in an integrated society. We believe in stimulating the creativity innate in all children. We hope to assist them in overcoming life challenges while they integrate as full members of the German society.

 Pass the Crayon seeks to develop skills in children that lend themselves to positive self-expression and openness to relationships. Using art as a means of self-discovery, children of all backgrounds reveal their talents and utilize their strengths. We also train artists to work with different segments of German society, from refugees to the underprivileged addressing issues of integration to inequality while giving children a way to grow in a fun and safe environment. Our workshops are integrated with creative and imaginative play so young participants can express different concerns and feelings through art and interactive play.

Founder of the Pass the Crayon
OLBIOS Correspondent, Germany
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