Religion and Politics

Let’s start with an excellent website : Religion & Politics is an online news journal, dedicated to the two topics thought unfit for polite company. It is a project of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics at Washington University in St. Louis. They feature articles from scholars and journalists who proceed from a single premise: that for better and for worse, religion and politics converge, clash, and shape public life. These intersections happen everywhere, from our homes to our courts, from the statehouse to the schoolhouse, in the lab and on the battlefield. They publish a range of views, rather than promoting a specific political perspective. Promoting respectful debate, they inform these discussions by taking the long view, providing historical context, critical analysis, and thorough research with compelling writing.

Please watch also the video of the Harvard “Faith Debate”, a vibrant discussion encompassing several aspects of the controversy over the relationship between religion and politics. Forum speakers are covering the evolution of the clash between religious denominations, the role of Mormonism and Islam in the upcoming presidential election and the (supposed) necessity of presidential candidates to be religious in some way. Forum speakers also gave useful insight into the role religion has played in shaping the history of the United States, especially in abolition and the civil rights movements. The questions are geared towards the future, rather than the past, of religion in politics.

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Website: http://religionandpolitics.org/