Never too early to start

While on the way to school, Phoebe Rusell saw some homeless people on the street. She became curious and sad. Her questions and further initiatives led to a movement that, to this date, has fed about 180.000 people in her community. Her parents explained that the food bank helps feed hungry people. She became determined to raise money for her own food bank by collecting cans, recycling them and cashing them in for money. With the help of her preschool teacher, Phoebe reached out to her network – during recess, she hand wrote, signed and sent letters to family and friends. To say the project gained momentum is an understatement.

Family, friends, and the media shared her story, which led to a ripple effect of giving. Within two months, she had already raised $3,736.30. According to the SF Food Bank, that’s enough to feed nearly 18.000 people. Thousand of hits from all corners of the world, YouTube comments and e-mails poured in. Parents, churches and other community groups contacted our team to say they were sharing our blog and video with their children (as bedtime stories) and during sermons and meetings. Go Inspire Go submitted the video to Tyson Foods’ Hunger Relief Challenge. Phoebe Russell became the “Tyson Hunger All-Star,” a title that comes with a donation of 15 tons of food.