Living in fear no more

While ministering to the homeless in the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, Father Edward Joseph Flanagan developed an interest in young people and their struggle to grow into responsible, productive members of society. Today, the Boys Town project continues Father Flanagan’s mission of saving children and healing families. The Boys Town organization strives to rebuild families who have been torn apart by abuse and domestic violence. Their motto, that every child has the potential to succeed, helps drive programs that encourage kids to reunite with parents, give kids social and academic skills to succeed, and provide children with safe homes. It should be noted that despite the name, the organization helps both boys and girls. The organization was started in 1917 and today serves more than 30,000 children and their families.

They remind us that right now, in communities throughout the country, hundreds of thousands of children are living in fear. Wherever these children and families are hurting, Boys Town is trying to help.

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