Finding the right job in Ireland

Unemployment has now spread to those who never expected it. Since 1994, the organization Jobcare has been working in Dublin’s inner city, assisting those struggling with the effects of long-term unemployment. They have developed a set of services relevant to the particular needs of certain groups of job seekers. More recently, Jobcare developed new solutions to assist the ‘new unemployed’ – those with sound qualifications and experience that are still encountering difficulty in a competitive jobs market.

As the founder puts it, “I believe God has a plan to clean up the mess of hopelessness, addiction, despair, poverty, crime, homelessness – the church of Jesus Christ extending the Kingdom of God into the darkness is his solution”. In Jobcare they do this with unemployed people through skills building, providing work and facilitating a job search.  At Jobcare they consider themselves more than ‘a charity’ doing good things; they seek to “bring love back into a selfish, love-less culture.”



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