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Christian Blind Mission International is a faith-based organization that seeks to improve the lives of those with disabilities by providing appropriate care, economic empowerment and development to communities in impoverished areas and reducing the diseases that may cause impairments. While a large part of their focus is on visual impairment, they also work with those who have cerebral palsy, mental illness, and hearing impairments. This top-rated charity supports over 714 projects in 73 countries, reaching some 30 million people per year.

CBM has Member Associations raising funds and awareness of disability issues in ‘industrialised’ countries worldwide. In lower-income regions of the world, CBM strives to build the capacity of partner organisations. This is all done following proven core values and with more than 100 years of experience in the field of disability.

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Website: http://www.cbm.org/

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Over 1 billion people with disabilities